Viticulture and winemaking in the area of Targovishte date back to ancient times. Various archaeological findings provide evidence for the lifestyle and customs in the region, related to this divine elixir.

LVK–Vinprom, Targovishte, inherited the ancient winemaking traditions in this land. The company was established in 1947, as a result of the merger of several small wine cellars in the area of Targovishte, and through the years has had both times of revival and periods of hardship. Overcoming the difficulties of the present, LVK–Vinprom builds its future on its extensive experience, yet complying with the requirements of modern winemaking.

LVK–Vinprom is one of the few companies in the town, which successfully restructured its production process in the years of transition, maintaining most of the jobs, its positions on the local market and the majority of its foreign customers.
Development in progress.

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