About us

Our philosophy of winemaking

The winemaking philosophy of the Targovishte Wine Cellar is to make world-class wine with distinctive fruit character using modern technologies yet preserving its distinguishing Bulgarian character. The grapes are carefully selected from vineyards on sub-Balkan hillside locations. As a result, the wines are approachable with mild fruit flavors and elegant character.

Wine and spirits

LVK-Vinprom Targovishte makes white and red wines of guaranteed appellation of origin, sparkling wines,  fortified wines and spirits. The winery has four bottling lines with capacity of 16 000 bottles per hour.  We are able to process 20 000 tons of grapes annually. Our hight-quality white wines are mainly made of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Muskat Ottonel and Traminer.  Our high-quality red wines are made of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

The winery

LVK-Vinprom Targovishte is a winery located in the North-East viticultural region of Bulgaria mainly consisting of hilly and semi-hilly terrains. The average altitude is 200 m. above sea level. The vineyards are planted mainly into grey forest soils. According to their texture the soils are  of the sandy-clayey type. The humus content is high in the surface layer and decreases with depth. Grey forest soils are characterized by having good water and air supply but not very high fertility. As far as the climate is concerned it is mild continental. Moderate temperatures in the sumømer are typical for the region as well as  for the Northern and Eastern part of the Danube plain. The annual sum of the rainfalls is 345-628 l/m2. The average annual temperature is 11.1 °С. The sum of the active temperature is 3500-3700 °С.

Where to find us

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